girls group!

I love my girls' group. There is nothing like sitting around with a bunch of women from all over the world (even the Ukraine- thanks Natalia for bumping our stats!) and laughing, crying, and enjoying one another and life. Thank you Lord for friends in Erie!

Tonight we met at Natalia and Filip's apartment downtown (minus 2 of our friends). Its in an old building called the "Boston Building" and it used to be a huge department store but is now loft apartments. In the center is this huge clock that everyone in Erie used to meet under. Example: If you were meeting up with friends, you would say, hey meet me at the clock, and they would just know the clock in Boston's!

Now, as you've heard me report, I do have the best stinking husband in the planet and he is my best pal. But sometimes boys just don't get us crazy girls. Like if I'm analyzing and bringing 30 different perspectives and thoughts to one moment in time, Adam will smile and nod but really if you look closely, you can see a distant twinkle in his eye where he has officially lost track of where I am and is thinking, "Huh? Are we still talking about a slice of pizza?" But if I bring that thought process to girls' group, they're like, 'oh, right exactly!"

good times.


Lora said...

I love my girlfriends, too. What a blessing from God!

kjds said...

I am so proud of you for "getting in there" and finding good friends. You are blessing their lives ... they are all thinking, "What did we ever do without Camille?" I know this because I thought that almost every day at recess! I miss you buddy! You are such a blessing to me!!

freakface said...

Not to nitpick, but it's The Boston Store. Just so you sound more like a yocal. I'm still enjoying reading your takes on moving up here. Keep it up. I hope you like snow! The first snowfall is about a month away. I'd have to look this up somewhere, but I believe the latest first snowfall in Erie was somewhere around November 10. Mind you it won't stay. Sorry, that had nothing to do with your post.

Radio Free JoJo said...


Just to give you an idea of what a big deal the Boston Store was to Erie, check out this site:


Everyone over 35 has memories of the toy department on the 5th floor, with its huge variety, the classic art deco elevators (still in use), escalators, and the cafeteria downstairs.

BTW, I could tell you stories of trick-or-treating on Oct. 31st in snowstorms. Bet that never happened in Waco! Thanks for your fun blog.

Lindsey said...

can i join your girls group via webcam? let's look into that. love you!