This is my Everest...

Adam Jennings is not a quitter.

Even after years of unsuccessfully finishing the "Lord of the Rings" series, the man has resolved to persevere with a resolute, "This is my Everest" mentality.
Beginning his junior year in high school, Adam knew and understood that these were important books to read. That somehow, by discovering the epic journey of Frodo Baggins, Adam's own journey would be enlightened. When a friend spoke of the wonderful cinema trilogy, Adam could reply, "Have you read the book? I have." But who knew back then, that finishing the book would be HIS journey to Mt. Doom. Only instead of destroying the ring, he could finally heave the weight of this incomplete task into the firey lava pits of Morodor.
Every night, he curls up in bed with new resolve. After reading page 229 six times, he is ready to move on. However, before his fingers can even turn the page, his eyelids are drooping, his will diminishing. Then he concedes, "That's probably enough for tonight" and picks up his Harry Potter.
For the actual text to have survived so many years on Adam's bedside stand is an affirmation to the publishing house's commitment to using only the highest quality resources. The Lord of the Rings has survived being dropped, swept under the bed, spilled upon, and of course, tramplings by Powers. Yet, it survives just as Adam's pledge to finish the trilogy. With dedication that makes Rocky Balboa look like a truant, he will nestle up with his novel and embark once again.
And, one day, he will prevail.

Just not today.


Lora said...

Consider it a marthon-come up with a training plan to get to the end!

freakface said...

That was your best post yet. Great photos. BTW, I think you misspelled "mentality" as "mantality", but given the greatness of the rest of it, I'm loathe to even bring it up. Sorry.

"Just not today". Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Freudian slip or not, mantality is in my vocabulary now.