Texas Hold 'Em

First of all, I need to air my grievances. Where is the first snow, people? I read that the first snow last year was in mid October. I mean, I even bought boots with tread on the bottom of them and a really warm/waterproof coat. I am so excited to see out little house with a blanket of snow and to see Power's confused circle running techniques to cope with the white, cold ground. Its going to be magical.

Moving on- last night, Josh & Bethany came over for a little pizza & Shiraz to celebrate Josh & Adam's last Anatomy test! And in true Jennings style, we forced our guests to play Speed Scrabble. (I think I've clarified on here before, but speed scrabble is not like the old school scrabble where you have to wait for 30 minutes while someone figures out where to put their stinking letters. Its fun and fast.) And then, of course, we played Texas Hold 'Em with chips and not real money since we are all poor med students & wives.

Oh, Bethany. She pulled the wool over our eyes. She acted like she didn't know how to play. "I'm confused" "I'm not sure about this" "i GUESS i'll stay in...." She waited as our confidence grew and then BOOM! she laid down her hand. And she won several times. Good thing she only won chips.....and all our pride to wear as a badge upon her garment.


Dave said...

Hi! Found your blog through Erieblogs. I quite enjoy keeping updated on newcomers to Erie! We're glad to have you here!

Regarding the snow: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, too. During some years, we do get our first snowflakes during October, but nothing substantial. Look for the first big storm to hit sometime during mid to late November. The good thing about it being so warm this month is that the lake is warmer than normal, which means more lake effect snow for us! Last year was weird because we had our first inch in mid-October, and a 6 incher in early November, but our first big storm did not hit until January.

That's your weather update for Saturday, October 27. ;-)


Lora said...

Hi Mr,C or dad, wish i was there for the first snow, Enjoy your weekend. love you. Texas hold'em, huh????

ksm146 said...

HI. Just wanted to suggest that you and your husband take a drive up to Chautauqua Institution some weekend! Its about 40 minutes from Erie and a beautiful drive. Look it up online, they have a website. Its a place in western PA/NY not to miss seeing!

Bethany said...

I'm pretty excited and honored that I made your blog. I wish I could say that my Texas hold'em skills were all natural, but I must be honest, I wasn't too sure what I was doing. =) But thanks for the shout out!