Tan Toothbrush Stealer.

Thanks, Brooke, for the award & for tagging me.  Now, Camille's blog is proud(ish) to present...

10 HONEST Things about Myself.  (The way the word "honest" is bold ed makes me feel like they really mean weird, quirky, horrifying, or gross things about yourself)
(Brooke, I know you tagged me for the other survey...but I like this one better...or it's more of a challenge...or something like that.)

1.  I always bought the semester package to the tanning bed place when I was in college.  Every semester.  I was tan.  Too tan probably.  I vowed that after my wedding day, I would never lie in a tanning bed again because a. it's horrible for you and  b. my mom has had skin cancer places removed so my pale skin (like hers) is very susceptible.  And I have kept that vow!  Go me!  
Although I do miss it- it's s warm and wonderful and you can just fall asleep in those cozy coffins of light.  Evil temptresses.

2.  I like to use other people's toiletries.  Mary Lou (my best friend), my mother, and all of my college roommates can attest to this.  But mostly my sweet husband.  It drives him crazy that I use his toothbrush (only child!).  It's not that I want to use other people's toiletries...it's just that their toiletries are right there and I'm not sure where mine are...or I forgot to pack them...or I ran out of room in my bag and I just thought, "Well I'll just use my mom's when I arrive." or they have really awesome mascara.   Adam and I have a deal right now that if I stop using his toothbrush then he'll turn off the light everytime he leaves the basement (my pet peave).  So far, so good.    

Okay, those two are enough for today.  Don't want to give all the milk away or you won't buy the whole cow, right?  (What?!)  


Anonymous said...

It totally grosses me out when Rob uses my toothbrush. (I'm also an only child, remember.) Fortunately he only does it very rarely.

Hannah Lee said...

Okay. I saw your Mom Friday at lunch. I was a little pink from the tanning bed because I started tanning a couple of days before in preparation for a cruise at the end of Feb. She once again (shes done this before) reminded me in her sweet subtle way how bad it is for me. This is I know and I know she is looking out for my skin but I just can't break away from it right now...you understand. Can't wait for next installment.

Stinky Puff said...

I use Scott's toothbrush all the time...and he doesn't seem to care. I think I will use Adam's next time we are in town together. Maybe we can both use Adams.

Anonymous said...

deodorant stealer.