Yearly Deathcicle Post

Tonight I was letting Powers out to go relieve himself in the backyard and I saw a terrifying sight.  Monstrosities hanging from the office entrance.  


Adam had  to pull one down and show us 

Adam demonstrating Antarctic hunting techniques.

I'm not gonna lie...it's a chilly week here.  My folks are coming up on Friday and the high that day is 12.  

12 degrees. 

The low is 7.  I say, I will be thankful for the cold because it makes me appreciate, savor, revel in the sun during the summer.  Ah, summer.

Get ready southern parents!

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Lora said...

It was in the 60's here today. WHERE ARE MY INSULTATED UNDERWEAR????

Dave said...

We live in a new place this winter and we have some deathcicles hanging from our gutters on the 2nd floor. In fact, I'm thinking of putting up a barrier in their line of fire just in case one decides to break off as Danielle is walking to the car.

I'm pretty sure we'll be missing some gutters by the end of the week!!

Hannah Lee said...

OH MY! Wow. I will take the 70 degree days with 28 degree days mixed in January month. Yall better be careful!

Danny Lucas said...

Hit them with hard snowballs when the snow is wetter, Dave.

Watch your aim.

Hit high or it breaks off too low and remains a danger. (Hit the siding and it is dented for good).

Stand back when it comes down or you will encounter piercing you did not want.

I miss each time, and eventually heave the shovel 2 stories in the air at them....then run.
(Move your car away or you will need a windshield soon).

Insulate the place. You are losing heat you paid for. (or have the landlord do it if you rent. Tell him it saves gutter replacement and you are worried about his liability if someone gets killed).

Lora, Southern underwear doesn't fit. Our stores carry plenty and we have no clothing tax. Pick up a pair of undies here.
Try Victoria's Real Secret Thermal Underwear.

Remember: it is not the thickness that keeps you warm, it is the number of LAYERS.

Please do not laugh at our airport. We are self conscious about the miserable spot, and call it a "Field". Laugh when you get back to Ruston.
(No pictures of our field in your blog). It is called Tom Ridge Field, and his brother Dave is an attorney....if you get my drift.

I recommend you stop at our hospitals a moment and visit the maternity floor to see what is coming up.
Hamot Hospital has better food, but the nuns at St. Vincent will throw in a prayer and never bill your HMO for it. Your call!

Think of your grandson and the glow from that warm thought will make you heavenly warm inside.

Cam and Adam,
it is a delight watching you produce an Erie citizen. I hope you do it another dozen times. I saw the price of a can of Enfamil today at CVS. I am glad Adam will be a doctor to pay for a can with his paycheck.

President Lincoln ended all this Seceding talk, so you are here for good. The boy can dance at Greek Festivals and maybe work at Smith Hot Dog Company some day, or be president.

There are far more prayers said on your behalf than you can count. God bless each of you abundantly.

May all your fondest dreams come true.

Best Regards,
Danny Lucas

Ron said...

My neighbor has a deathcicle hanging from her electric service line connecting to the house. Every year that thing gets bigger, I'm waiting for the line to snap one day.

The neighbor on the other side has probably no insulation in her attic because her roof drips constantly on her electrical box, encasing it in ice. One day during the early spring when it started to thaw, there was this cascade of water going down on her electrical box. Since her house is on the edge of my driveway, this was very exciting (as in, pray every step of the way when walking to your car that you aren't lit up like a Christmas tree!).

I'm trapped between 2 deathcicle factories!

freakface said...

You can try to add additional insulation at the roofline where you are having the problem, but there is a good chance that won't fix it. Southern and western facing roofs will be warmed by the sun, causing snow to melt, despite the insulated house. Because the eaves hang over past the wall, you have a section of the roof that can't hold heat from the house, and thus you wind up with ice forming before the water even gets off the roof.

You can also get icicles if you have multiple rooflines around an entrance. This allows drifts to form, which then are a great place for icicles to form.

As you probably know, icicles are a bad deal, because once you have icicles, you wind up with water and therefore ice backing up onto your roof, damaging the roof and the shingles.

Our place is DOUBLE insulated, and we still get icicles off the south roof, but we fixed that problem with roof heat tape.

It's laid out so it looks like a bunch of waves. It runs up the valleys, over the dormers, and down the valleys. It is clipped in place with included shingle clips
Then there is a section of the line that is suspended in the gutter and runs down your downspout. In other words, you always have an ice-clear path for water to run from your roof and out, without the possibility of icicles.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I dated someone once that got hit in the head with a deathsicle....although, it didn't result in death....just a major gash on their head. So it was really just a maimsicle.

Anonymous said...