Buh-Bye Gaga.

We had a crazy-good weekend with my brother here. Gabe (or Gaga as he's affectionately known around these parts) was such a fun guest and is a top-notch uncle. Truth.

Gabe is my brother who lives in Austin. Scott, my oldest brother, also lives in Austin with his wife and two sons. Hey Ladies,
Gabe is not married.

We lived it up: we went to the playground, rode the choo-choo, went to a residents' party (where Adam and I ran in a 3-legged race), swam at my in-laws house, walked to and ate at Dutch's and made a new friend who sings in the Dallas Opera (Hey Armon!) and walked to get breakfast tacos. Whew.

In fact, we walked a lot of places. And it was quite hot to be walking. Sorry, Gabey boy.

Anyways, thanks for coming Gaga. The boys love you and so does Adam and so do I.


Josh said...

Glad you had a great time with your bro. Ummm...we need to talk soon girlfriend! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

i think gaga would be a big hit at our house too! gaga gaga...want to come over???


Gabe said...

@Ann-sign me up.
Thanks for the great weekend as well as the plug, sister.