The New Now.

Tomorrow, Adam begins residency.

Day one.

T minus zero days.

I am more excited than sad. We will miss having him around lots but I know that he will be la-loving the Emergency Department and is excited to begin residency. I am excited to see what my life looks like. I am happy to report that we have found a church home, thank you LORD! (when you are crying for >50% of the service, it may be your new church home) and I met some lovely ladies and potential friends there today.

Tonight, after visiting with Adam's grandpa, Adam and I went to Dutch's to celebrate his great fathering abilities and had a delicious Texana burger. Ohhhhh. I would brush my teeth with one. It is so good. The bread is slightly sweet and there is beef and avocado and I can't even say anything else about this burger or else I may need to walk a few blocks and order another.

Moving on, I really really like living close to Adam's family. Two years with kids far away (1,200 miles) from family has made me appreciate the beauty of having grandparents nearby and it is delightful. Adam's mom is a teacher (aka off for the summer) and Adam's dad is retired (aka off for the year) and they are always eager to hang out with our children...even when they are in bad moods! What?! Gotta love grandparents.

I'm off. Will report tomorrow what our new now looks like.


Loralu said...

I LOVE those Jennings Grandparents!

The Tylers said...

Glad to hear things are going so well!! Try to stay cool.....:)

Jeff and Lauren said...

Praying that Day 1 is going great! One of the worship leaders at our church looks like you so I was thinking of you this past Sunday morning. Praying that your transition time is smooth and full of God's peace. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Bethany said...

Praying Adam's first day went well. Love you friend and hope to talk soon.

E said...

The "new now" will be great! We miss you and good ole erie pa