I'm Going to Eat Up Your Cities

the title of this post is a lyric from "Too Much" by the Dave Mathews band. Fear not, I have no plans to eat your city, to date at least.

My babes are napping, Adam has gone to study and I am lying in my unmade bed checking in with the blogosphere. Hi blogosphere. We live by TCU and sometimes as I watch those young girls walking across campus, I smile and remember the sweet times I had at Baylor. Other times, I shoots pretend laser beams out of my eyes at the 19-year olds with tiny shorts on and tan, skinny legs. I mean, I love college gals and I think that it is such a special time in life, I just wish they would eat more cake and wear full-on floral mumus...is that so wrong?

Adam begins his residency on Monday. Funday! I am interested to see what our lives look like after Monday. Monday and beyond. In case you're behind, let me catch you up:

We just moved to Fort Worth because Adam is doing Emergency Medicine residency at John Peter Smith. This is a county hospital so he will see lots of cra-ra-razy stuff. In fact, 3/4ths of the babies delivered at JPS are to undocumented immigrants. Yes, he will get to see it all.

His residency is a three-year program. There are eleven other emergency medicine residents beginning with him but the hospital houses many other residency programs. Out of the 12 residents in his class, 11 are boys. Adam's residency is on a month-by-month schedule. The majority of his months will be spent in the emergency department, but other months he will be in ortho, cardiology, labor & delivery, NICU, SICU, Internal Medicine, and several other departments that I can't remember right now.

Residents do make a salary but it is much, much lower than an attending physician (read: out of residency) would make. Whew. The end.

Okay, so, as I was saying: Adam begins on Monday. I will try and remember what it was like to have the boys by myself. (I was fine, right? Wasn't I? Say yes.) I remember before Adam began medical school, my expectations were quite low for the subsequent four years. I thought that I would never see him and I prepared myself for the worst. And then it was so much better than I had thought it'd be.

I'm hoping that this is kinda like that.


kjds said...

ha! i think the same thing about college girls sometimes! and the high schoolers who walk home past our house - put on some pants! and then i remind evie (while she's still in my belly!) that she won't dress like that EVER. :)

i'm praying your time in ft worth is better than you can imagine! you've got a good man who will make it work! and you CAN do it by yourself with those two boys. and on days when you're worn out - go to your in-law's pool!!!

Our Family said...

You will make it and do great!! I am nervous about being home with 2 kiddos starting next month, but I am going to try to stay as involved as possible with playgroups and our residency wives group! I am sure the hospital has one and if they don't, start one!! : ) Monday will be an exciting start for both of you!! Try to attend all the orientation functions too, those are always a great way to meet people!

Hannah Lee said...

Girl, you so got this! I can't believe he has already gotten this far! It has flown by to me...granted, I wasn't living it...but from the outside he is flying through it, you are doing great, and the boys are precious. Just call Mama Lulu! You know she would always be there in a jif!

Tiffany said...

I hope it is better than you have prepared yourself for, too! Glad you have family nearby to help, but I know that is no substitute for daddy. Good luck plugging in!

C and G said...

Exciting times! Good luck :) We've been there and will be there for a while longer (Garrett's program is 6 years! and lots of time on surgery at the county hospitals, crazy times) Honestly, there are months when the rotations are tough and the hours can be rediculous, but they pass quickly and the tough times bring there own benefits and strengths. I promise! And please feel free to ask/commiserate if you need anything. Plus Ft. Worth is a great place to be :)