You know what song is stuck inside of my head right now? In this very room...there is quite enough...love...for one like me...

If you've never heard this song, it was quite a popular wedding song in the 90's. Why is it in my head right now? Sometimes I fear that having children is making me weirder and weirder. Soon I'll have wadded up kleenexes in the pockets of my scottish terrier cardigan and wear thimbles out and about (I don't sew).

I am glad that I married someone else really weird. I didn't always know that Adam was weird because we were both trying to be a little normal and cool when we met each other. However, we often have moments where we'll be doing something so odd and then one of us will say, "We are so weird."

One thing that Adam and I immensely enjoy is swimming. Not like swimming laps. Like swimming like we are kids. Sure, swimming with our babies is fun. But when they are napping, we jump into Adam's parents' pool and act like 8-year olds. We race, we try to balance on rafts, we dive for things and try to catch objects thrown as we jump into the pool. I think that swimming is one of those things that never gets old and makes you feel like a kid.

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Lora said...

I could have used a good swim today. Coming back that way for just that-SOON!