Texas Licenses.

Sometimes when I'm at the beginning of the 3,429 step process of obtaining Texas drivers' licenses, I take a look at these pictures and avoid that gross mess.

My Pennsylvania license expired on May 31, 2011. And although I had just landed in Texas the previous day, I couldn't get a new one because my social security card was in the big yellow moving truck driving south.

Elliot loves sucking his bottom lip.

So, since I have an expired out-of-state license, I will be taking my written and driving test. (this same thing happened to me when I changed my name after getting married- my Louisiana license had expired and I was getting a Texas one. The test was harder at 22 than at 16. I should probably study since I'm 28 now.)

So, car inspections, registration & titles switched to Texas, and then my written and driving test! I hope I pass. And then we're like Wait! Where is our marriage license for insurance purposes. Uh-oh. Better order another one.


Loralu said...

Thus the importance of being organized. We will not even go into the issue of your passport. Don't plan on leaving the country anytime soon.

Jenny said...

If the DMV there is anything like the one in Birmingham, I do not envy you one teeny little bit!

Katie said...

I'm in the same boat. Only I procrastinated on renewing my license so it's my own fault my out of state DL expired. I went to the DMV, didn't realized I'd have to take the test everything again passed the written exam, did all the paperwork but they couldn't do the driving test because they schedule them at that location... now I get to go back to a different location because I again procrastinated and need to do it now and can't schedule it because of an unplanned trip that will leave me out of town when I could schedule it. Not looking forward to the driving test.