Women Drive Well!

Yay for driving! This happened while backing out of our driveway (it is right beside our house). Yes, I hit our house. It flopped in the wind until my father-in-law kindly taped it up for me. Henry now loves to say, "Mama crash! Mama broke mirror!"

Fun times.

Adam's first day (and second day) went well.

Well, pretty well.

Well is a relative term, right?

I think he only cried four or five times (kidding).

A picture from my Lindsey's home. We were college roommates and bridesmaids and dear friends and she lives in the Fort Worth burbs. We went to visit her this afternoon. This is Elliot and her Cami (11 months). (I had a better picture, Linds, but I wasn't sure if it was okay to display her chest-al area online.)

Henry was too busy being Jekyll and Hyde to have his picture taken. We arrived and he said, "Go Home Now!" (where did now come from? I hate that word now. ) Then he refused to swim and watered all Lindsey's plants with a hose. Then he had two cookies and ran around dancing and gave Lindsey hugs. Then, he refused to leave with me, clinging to Lindsey's neck.


Loralu said...

Love that Lindsey!

E said...

sweet!!! haha

Lindsey said...

You could have posted the other pic, I don't think she would have minded. :) Yay, I love that Henry is my buddy now...he kept saying, 'I like this house.' My cookie bribe worked! Who cares if he couldn't sleep later, right!?!