Graduation 2011.

With all the moving and hoop-la, Adam's graduation got a little swept under the blog-rug. I was so glad that in the midst of packing boxes and chasing babies, we were forced to stop for a couple of hours and attend a ceremony to celebrate his becoming a physician!

Last Sunday (the 29th) was the day and there was an orchestra playing and it was a really nice ceremony...lots of pomp and circumstance, which was fitting. I was so proud of Adam as he walked across that stage and received his diploma and was hooded. He has worked his butt off these past four years- studying and working hard but always making his family a priority. I really admire him and I'm so proud of him.

The boys weren't at the ceremony (it lasted over 2 hours) but we had our babysitter, Katie, come drop the boys off after the ceremony so that we could get a couple of pictures with Adam in his fancy gown & hood. Go Dr. Daddy! We love you.


Bethany said...

so sweet, i love the picture of Adam with your boys. hope ya'll are doing well. miss you too friend.

Lindsay said...

Congrats to Adam...and you! What an amazing accomplishment!