Forest Park Mini Railroad

Let me, first off, say that I need to work on taking our actual camera with us when we go places. Every photo is from our phones. Quality.

This morning, we visited our first Fort Worth church. Here my boys are:

Awww cute, right?
However, we got paged about halfway through the sermon. Henry was not doing well, poor guy. He's had lots of changes in the past two weeks! So, we loaded the boys up and went to the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. Church on the rails, if you will!

Henry talks a big game about trains but I was not sure how my Henry would do on a 45-minute train ride over bridges and under a freeway but he LOVED it. I am so glad that we gave it a shot and went to ride the choo-choo this morning. Only problem? He did not want to get off and he wants to ride it again and again and again.

Here we are:

I love that you can tell that he's saying choo-choo in this picture

Here Adam & Elliot are:

Henry is super focused. One of the words that perhaps best describes him is intense. Whether he is happy or sad or silly or focusing on his choo-choo, he is an intense child. I love him.


Loralu said...

Momma idea # 1billion--next time you visit a church-you take Henry to the nursery & let Adam take E. Henry is used to you dropping him off at the Y, so maybe this will help as you reassure him that you are coming back to get him. I still say it is probably all the changes.

thejavamama said...

Oh we love that train over by the zoo! It's just so darn hot outside right now :P