The Zoo!

Currently, I am chillaxing at my in-laws house while Henry and Adam play out back and Elliot takes a nap. This is nice. Time to report:

We made a last-minute decision to head to the zoo on Wednesday afternoon. Because it was last minute, we were completely unorganized and unprepared. Adam carried Henry for almost two hours since we hadn't brought a stroller and it was quite crowded (half-price Wednesdays!) and I was sweating like crazy in the heat with Elliot on my back.

Despite those minor setbacks, it was amazing. Adam got us season passes (completely worth it if you visit the zoo 4 times a year or more, which I plan to) and the amphibian/aquarium house is incredible, marvelous. Here are the only two pictures that I took of us with my phone. Next time, we are bringing the stroller (especially during the summer)!

Then, after a hot afternoon at the zoo, we got home, stripped the boys down and enjoyed our backyard and waterhose.


The Tylers said...

Totally plan to visit the Ft. Worth Zoo at some point. And you know little H would love some Great Wolf Lodge:)!!

Deb said...

I know you have been craving warmth, but you all are crazy. Zoos really are the best with kids, aren't they?....so much to learn about....showing someone a giraffe for the very first time...priceless! Glad you are back south of the Mason/Dixon. PA is just far, far away.