Texas Wall.

I am not really the creative type, although I wish that I was all artsy and cool. However, I had an idea in my head when we moved into our new rent house. I'd seen the huge walls of maps in magazines or map wallpaper, even. I liked the idea of maps. My oldest brother, Scott, hung up world maps all over his vaulted ceilings and walls when I was a kid.

Well, instead of huge world maps, I got onto Etsy and found a few Texas maps that I really thought were cute. Two were text book pages, you know the type with an oil rig representing oil country and a longhorn representing ranching country. One is a map of Texas with a heart over Fort Worth.

This one makes me laugh the most:

found here.

Then I spray painted some frames and wah-lah! Here is the final result:

Others found here, here, here & here.


Tiffany said...

Awesome! Should I be that really annoying Texan who has one of these walls while living in another state? :) I think my other Texas-related hangings will suffice for now. Great idea, C!

Loralu said...

GREAT JOB- now what higher praise than meeting your Mother's approval!

Mrs. Russell said...

Camille, that is the cutest idea! Love it! :)

lesli said...

LOVE this! I want some of these! I have a texas flag that i want to fly in front of my house in mississippi. you might have inspired me to get on it!=)

Christie Lee said...

Love it Camille! What a great idea! You have now inspired me but I am no sure the state of Indiana would look at cool as Texas. Miss ya