Nap Lockdown

Nap lockdown is very different than the phenomenon known as love lockdown, made infamous by Kanye West. Behold:

Now that we are settled into our new place, life has slowed down and a new schedule is emerging. Elliot is 7 months old. He is wanting to take two decent naps a day. Henry is 2. He needs 1 nap a day. So far, I'm seeing that the following is their natural tendency. Elliot 10 to 11:30- nap. Henry: 12 to 2ish nap. Elliot: 2 to 3:30 nap. Bedtime: 7ish. (sometimes earlier for Elliot, later for Henry). This is what their little bodies are wanting to do. This puts me on nap lock-down, though, which goes against all my anti-cooped-up tendencies.

Maybe it's best this way. I mean, I do get to spend individual time with each boy with the current nap lockdown sched. We can get out early on and all go to the playground, which is nice and cooler in the morning. Mama just had to adjust and do what's best for her kiddos. I can get Elliot to take a 30 to 45 minute nap on the fly in case we need to be on the road but, otherwise, will probably stick close to home most of these summer days during nap lockdown.

Luckily, my in-laws have two cribs, a pool, and live only 25 minutes away. I imagine we'll spend a few summer days at their place, too.


CaseyWiegand said...

girl this is the SAME over here, living the same lives i tell u

Hannah Lee said...

I remember those days. I know you can handle it and having a pool you can use will definitely be a huge perk plus make for some good naps for those kiddos because swim time = good ole nap time! So glad you are getting settled!! Show us some new house pics!!