Something that I didn't expect to begin so early: my two boys wrestling.

I mean, after all, my Elliot is not even eight months old yet.

But here they are, Henry sitting on Elliot and Elliot laughing.
Elliot pulling Henry's hair and Henry not laughing.
Henry lying down and swimming on top of Elliot. Elliot still laughing until a foot lands in his face. Slight cry then laughs. Then back to more wrestling.

I suppose I had best get used to all this wrasslin' while raising boys.


E said...

oh man! That is the best!!! I love having two!!!! Its so fun watching them!

The Tylers said...

Such fun times! Enjoy.

Lindsay said...

So fun!!!

Loralu said...

Someone ends up crying eventually if you don't figure out the clues to that's ENOUGH!