I Woke Up.

This is Henry. Hee-Hee as he calls himself.

Here he is in his little summer jammies.

Henry's new trick is staying up super late. He used to be a superstar going-to-bed kid. Lately, after we put him in bed and say prayers, he talks forever and ever. Then he starts saying, "Mama, pick-a-up. Mama, pick-a-up." I'll go in there and he'll say, "I Woe Upk." (Translation: I woke up)

Then I'll say, "You never went to sleep, Henry!"

And he'll say, "Seep o' water, peas!" (Translation: Sip of water, please)

He's so darn cute when he's doing this. He gets super charming and cuddly saying, "Hi Mama. Hi Dada. I Woe Upk." Then, we'll go get a sip of water and maybe read a quick story and back to bed.

Rinse & Repeat.


Hannah Lee said...

Right after we moved to Nat-ko-trash, Jackson did the same thing! Staying up as late as college kids and then woke up with the chickens! I don't know if it is the move or what, but the transition knocked off his nocturnal skills. I got back to normal after about a month. Hope its sooner!

Lora said...

OHHHH--you've got trouble when they turn on that charm!

Marylou said...

2 year olds are master stallers....oh beware. Trissy's favorite: "mamma...i been coughin' today." which translates to "if you care about me at all mother dearest, you will bring me some water and sit and listen to me complain about my cough for five minutes."