Hello Fort Worth!

The welcome committee- Powers
(he currently resides with my wonderful in-laws)

After a marathon week of packing, graduation, moving across the country, unpacking whilst staying with my in-laws and entertaining two darling babies, we are here in our little home spending our first night!

My mom, my MIL & I flew with Henry and Elliot to Fort Worth on Monday while the men-folk drove the big yellow truck & co. across the miles from Pennsylvania to Texas. I had no idea that we wouldn't be spending the night in our new home until Saturday but it took quite a while to get everything put away, set up & presentable. But it was worth it when Henry walked into his new house today and all his familiar choo-choos and stuffed animals were right there.

Listen up, party people: moving with kids is a different ball game. I have no clue what we would've done without my in-laws living in Weatherford! We were able to stay there, keep Henry happy & secure while all the unpacking was happening 30 minutes away. Plus, my in-laws & my Mom were around to help with the kids. This process would've been crazy factorial (oh yes!) without them.

We got our internet hooked up today so I'm ready to report on the new adventures here in Fort Worth. The most pressing item on which I'm needing advice is this: where can Adam & I get some amazing custard/ice cream?


Lindsey said...

we miss you here in Erie, but I'm glad you got there safe, and you are starting to get your home in order!!

Ashley said...

Look, girl, I got you on this. Our favorite yogurt place is called Yo! on the corner of University and Berry Street, across the street from TCU. Depending on how hot it is, we usually walk there. It is right by the TCU bookstore.
Delicious custard can be found at Curly's on Camp Bowie Dr. They have a website, I believe, with a map. I think their hot fudge sundae is what they seve in heaven!

The Tylers said...

So glad you are moved and settled(for the most part!). Also, a big congrats to Adam AND yourself. Can't wait to see what God brings to this chapter of your life. Fun times!!

Maggie said...

Curly's is fantastic!! Definitely one of those " whole inthe wall" type of places.

Curly Girl Confessions said...

I am not sure where one is relative to your new location, however, Rita's Italian Ice and Custard is literally the BEST custard around. You might have experienced such a thing in PA!