25 Cloth

Two of my friends from Baylor have started this business that you must check out!
They sell cool t-shirts and the profits bring fresh water to Rwanda, where nearly 80% of deaths are caused by filthy water. Go here and give it a looksie- you won't regret it!

25 Cloth T-Shirt Company


Lora said...

HOW GREAT! I ordered mine tonight! What a wonderful idea to make a difference in this world!

Brooke & Freeland said...

its a small world after all .. its a small world after all... you know the rest. But anywho thats crazy b/c I am friends with Britney & Matt Poe that they started the business with! I love them! It is a great company that everyone should buy shirts from!

the Jennings secede from the South said...

How bizarre, how bizarre..
do do do...do do do..
how bizarre, how bizarre...

Matthew Stone said...

Well, I guess you can think "melba toast" (that made me laugh way to loud when I read that) for bringing me to your blog. Apparently your influence rolls deeper then you know. In any case this concept is amazing, and I'm thinking they are going to make some great gifts in the near future.