Snakes on a Plane!

One thing that I do not miss about the south is snakes. Whenever Adam & I were running at Cameron Park, I was always terrified of seeing a snake on the trail (Hey, it happened a few times and one time I even found myself inches from a water moccasin sunning by the river- eeeek!) One time, we were running and a snake wriggled across our path and I jumped at least 4 feet high and sliced open Adam's back with my new engagement ring. Sorry, honey! It was always funny because after we saw a snake or even after I heard a rustling beside us, I always found a new gear and could sprint away like you wouldn't believe. That would be a good way to motivate me to kick at the end of a race, now that I think about it. Anyways, Adam didn't love snakes but he couldn't understand my terror, my great fear of the snake.

Then I thought back and I realized where this fear had come from... my loving, caring brothers. Looking back, many of my irrational fears were formed while spending quality time with my big brothers. However, let us examine the snake. We grew up in a house in the woods, so snakes were not uncommon. I don't remember being really scared of them until one particular day. My dad had found a snake in the driveway and had blown it's head off with a b.b. gun. My brothers came down to the backyard where I was peacefully playing with our black lab and said, "C'mon Camille, we have something cool to show you." Delighted to have the attention of my older brothers, I skipped alongside them to behold this cool, dazzling thing. It was a snake. With it's head blown off. In the middle of the driveway. No big deal, right? I tried to be cool, "Oh. That's cool," I said.

"Touch it." My middle brother said.

Now, I didn't know much about snakes but I knew better than to touch one. Still, here were my two cool, older brothers. And for once they weren't sitting on my head and tooting or hiding me in the laundry chute.

I hesitated.

"C'mon Camille- it's dead. Just touch it."

I timidly stuck my white Ked out and barely touched the snake when it began slithering wildly about the driveway. "AUGH!!!" I screamed and sprinted down the driveway, crying in terror. I didn't know about the chicken with it's head cut off thing yet. Regardless, it was horrifying and in the weeks following as I rode my bike down the driveway past the fateful headless snake incident, I would glance at my back wheel to make sure that there wasn't a snake slithering up it. This fear was probably compounded by the fake rubber snakes my brothers would chunk towards me at random. I'd like to say that I've overcome. Well, at least I've come over to a land of no snakes?

P.S. I love you, brothers, even though you tooted on my head. You still would've beat up anyone else who tooted on my head.


Lora said...

The things we endure in order for our brothers to show us they love us! They have such a wierd way of showing affection! OH BUT THEY LOVE YOU and are so proud of you! You do remember who sobbed all the way through your wedding? If it makes it any better, I have irrational fears to this day from the torture that Robbie put me through. (It's always the older ones!)

The Kiser's said...

good story. we do however, and this is bad news....have snakes in the lake! Dirty Jobs even did a show about the Lake Erie water snakes. they are less common here though.

Lora said...

Now you have done it, Camille will never even put her big toe in that lake after that revelation!

Brandy said...

Sorry to disappoint or scare you, but there are several native snakes in our area. You don't typically see them in the city unless you live by a water source, but in the West County (Albion, Lake City, etc) we see them quite frequently. My husband is a herper (snake owner/rescue/foster), and most people know that if they find one where they don't want one, they call him and he can return them to a deeper part of the woods or farther down the creekbed. Take a look at this link http://www.dosomething.org/node/42055 This is a high school student from Northwestern and a great friend of our family. She goes to schools and parties (basically wherever she's invited) to teach people to "Shed Their Fears" about snakes. Jess is a great girl to talk to if you would ever like to get over your fear of snakes. Speaking for myself, I hated snakes having grown up in California and Texas (I hate the sound a rattler makes), but after being around non-poisonous snakes and handling them with my husband and Jess, they really do get a bad rap. Sorry the comment is so long, I guess I had something to say today.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Our neighbors just killed a 2 1/2 footer in their back yard yesterday while mowing the lawn. YIKESAROONIES..........I HATE SNAKES. Just one more thing to add to the panic attack list. I saw my share of snakes in PA also....don't like'em in the water or on land.

Anonymous said...

It builds character. Just look at you now with your witty banter and loving audience.