Nip, Tuck, Lift, Suck

Yesterday there was an article on msn's home page about America's obsession with looking young. Basically, the thought was that we have confused youth with beauty. I think I agree. I, at a month shy of 25, notice the laugh lines around my eyes. And shouldn't those be beautiful? I mean, I laughed and smiled to get them, right? Nonetheless, I've begun using a little preventive eye cream around the eyes. The author even commented that many people who seek cosmetic surgery to look 25 end up looking weird, not young. Deer in headlights! (No offense, Priscilla Presley)

She also wrote that we've so narrowed the scope of beauty to where we only consider one generation beautiful- 20's. Your teens are spent anxiously preparing for your 20's and your 30's and on are spent in an attempt to reconquer the youthful look of the 20's decade. We're weird, I tell you what. What happened to Mrs. Robinson? (not as in seducing a young man but the beauty and grace of an older woman)

Along those lines, have you heard about the new book, My Beautiful Mommy? If not, google it. It's a childrens' book that explains how to talk with your kids about your approaching plastic surgery. Thoughts?


Lora said...

My thoughts are on my post.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Yeah, I would love the "Mommy makeover" but you know what.....in all surgery there is a risk of DEATH and complication. DEATH over a tummy tuck in my book is not worth it. DEATH over bigger less saggier boobs...NOT WORTH IT. I exercise and stay as healthy as possible...yes I use my clinique, but I have had 3 kids all natural and I will take my small sags and wear them as proud battle scars. It is nothing a little spanx can't cure. I like myself JUST the way I am.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't dream of going under the knife for a few minor imperfections.