America's Next Top (Dog) Model

Okay, Powers. This is a serious competition. You're not here to make friends or get Tyra's autograph. You're here to win, dadgummit. Now, work the camera. Own it!

Now, pretend you're so tired from a long day. Relax on this couch. Show me sleepy!

Yes! Work it, Powers! Nap Time!

Yes, nap it. Nap it like there's no tomorrow!

Okay, now you're starting to drool. That's not attractive. Let's move on.
Now show me eager! Pretend like I have a big steak on my head..

Yes, we're getting there. But you looked a little worried-like it might be tofurkey. This time look excited! You're delighted, Powers! You're getting to eat a big slab of red meat! Now show me excited!

Yes, yes beautiful! Okay, now show me playful! You love toys- you're so playful! You're a playful boxer!

Okay, now give me All-American dog. Dog next door

Yes! Beautiful, people- We got the shot- that's a wrap. Great job, Powers. I think you'll make it to the next round. Just make sure you stay fierce.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Whatever you do Powers....don't fall to the trappings of fame and get tricked out on coke, deface your body w/a slew of tattoos, take laxatives to stay thin and please please please don't turn bisexual.....it is a world of fierce temptations while modelling...please don't lose your core being!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I also just realized....you have dog slobber on your couch.

Lora said...

You need to find something to do with your time obviously! Get out that windex!

Hannah Lee said...

Oh Camille! You are so funny! I have come to love reading your blog just so I can get a serious laugh from it! God has really blessed you with the talent of writing...writing funnily (you know what I mean!) Thanks for the smiles!