Nat Attack's Fabulous Supper Party

The birthday girl with her hood on.

We celebrated the birthday of my tiny Ukranian wonder friend, Nataliya. (Literally, you could pick her up with your pinkies & break her over your knee. She's adorable.) Anywhoos, Nat was turning the big 2-5 and so she had a bunch of gals over and she cooked us supper. We said, "Nat! It's your birthday- shouldn't we cook you supper? Or go out to eat and buy yours?"
Nat says, "No. I want to cook for my friends and celebrate." She's cool like that. It was a really nice night & we all dressed up in true Nataliya style. Fun times.
A few pictures from the evening:

NatyPat sweetly telling Filipe to leave.. it was girls' night.

Sippin' the Italian Soda
(Which, if I had to describe the taste, is like a flat sprite with a jolly rancher in it.)

My wonderful pal, Bethany.

My Texas pregnant friend, Sarah. Baby's coming in September whoop! whoop!

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Lora said...

Don't you girls look "Spiffy"!