It was about ye' big!

Ah, my husband & his big fish. It was about ye' big! And it wanted to eat Adam in one of those pictures!
Don't worry- he threw it back. It swam away as a happy little trouty.

The weather is beautiful and my sweet husband got to take a break & enjoy catching a big ol' fish.


Lora said...

Does Adam realize how DELICIOUS fresh trout is??????

Anonymous said...

Now that trout can go upstream and tell his mates about "the one I got away from."

I don't know what the current warnings are, but they used to say that women of chidbearing age shouldn't eat more than about one of those fish per month.

freakface said...

Yeah, fresh trout is really good. However, if y'all get to go deep see fishing, "ye big" will be "meh. throw it back". It was amazing how fast my notion of size changed once I went fishing in the ocean. The difference is staggering.

freakface said...

Did I just do that? Deep SEA fishing. Thank you. Learn to spell, Freak!