Oh, I haven't addressed the snazzy new header. I know, I know... I selected such a flattering picture of myself, right?

You can find the fantastic-o designer at Natalie's website. The money for the header goes to help her team headed out to Sheffield. Ch-ch-ch-check it out!


Anonymous said...

I love your new header! That picture of Powers is so cute.

kjds said...

love the header! thanks for blessing nat and dustin. they are some of our sweetest, closest lg pals from waco and we miss them soooooo much! she was blown away by people contributing who had not met her, but wanted to get behind what they were doing. thanks friend!

i love that pic of you. makes me think of recess and tacumi for some reason ... (did i spell his name right??)

carrie b. said...

the picture of you is awesome...i love it...someone hot must have been the photographer.

oh wait.

it was me!!