Asbury Woods, Erie's Little Treasure

I really like having Saturday night church because then Sunday stretches out before you (Like a really long slip n' slide...). I think Adam & I are more so daytime people and love being in the sun, so that works out well for us. It probably wouldn't work out as well for vampires, raccoons, and Teen Wolf as they are more nighttime people.

Well, Sunday afternoon, Adam took a study break and we headed out to Asbury Woods with Powers. We hadn't been since last August & It is beautiful this time of year!

Powers' booty as he sprints through the "chilly" water.

Then, Adam spotted some steelhead trout in the river. Then, Powers jumped into the river to try & catch some fish. We were laughing so hard that I didn't even get a picture of him swimming around, diving for the fish dadgummit!

These yellow flowers stretch out forever! The woods are filled with 'em!

A big ol' tree. Powers & Adam look like tiny little plastic figurines in comparison.

Do these neon pink shorts make my butt look big? "Yes!" I realized after Adam took this picture.

All in all, great day with the best husband alive & Powers with that lovely "wet dog" smell.
We big pink fluffy heart Asbury Woods.


Unknown said...

Have you been to the Wintergreen Gorge by Penn State Behrend? It's really great for a hike/fishing, too.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I agree you should try Wintergreen Gorge next time...it's really beautiful esp if you've never seen a gorge!

Lora said...

Are the leaves not out on your trees yet? You need to get a PA wildflower guide-look on line. I think you look skinny and those WHITE legs-sans no sun for a LONG winter!

Lora said...

Does Powers have his fishing license????

Tressa said...

Oh my goodness!!! I was just thinking about you two wondering what ever happened to that sweet couple?? And now I find your blog!!!
You guys look great! Its wonderful to be able to peek into your lives! Bless you both!!

Danielle said...

i was going to suggest the gorge, too! it's awesome there. you can even jump off a rock wall into a swimming hole. i would never do it, mind you...but i've watched my friends do it!

Brooke & Freeland said...

very fun! And I dont think your bottom looks big p.s.

Lora said...

Flowers may be buttercups.