News of the Millenium

Hello, New Kids on the Block reunion tour.
It's been 15 long years.
I'm definitely going and wearing my stir-up pants, hypercolor t-shirt tied to the side, and (obviously) neon scrunch socks. Also I'm going to need help teasing my bangs so someone bring the White Rain. Oh, maybe I should wear my red girbauds, instead. Decisions decisions.

I leave you with:

The first time was a great time
The second time was a blast
The third time I fell in love
Now I hope it lasts
I can see it in you walk
Tell it when you talk
Can see it in everything you do
Even in your thoughts

-New Kids on the Block


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Oh my word....not you too (I am turning a blind eye)

Ron said...

This is my favorite New Kids song (as performed as a skit on Saturday Night Live):

Performed by Dana Carvey, Jason Priestly, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider,
and Mike Myers on 15 Feb 1992 (Jason Priestly)

Arsenio (Chris Rock): Now don't leave us hanging with just that.

JP: Yeah, I hear that, Arsenio.
Yo guys, lets kick it!

(Music starts playing)
Yo now, before we start singing,
You also want to know in addition to writing our own songs,
we also do our own choreography.

JP: Girl, I can't stop thinking of you girl,
Y-O-U, spells girl.
Woke up this morning, put on my own clothes,
cause the ladys' not here, to help us no more.
Went down to the store, I got myself some juice,
its tasted good and fresh and I love you.

All: Girl, you are wicked awesome.
DC: I buttoned up my own shirt, whew!

All: Because, you girl...
RS: Whenever I make my own plane reservations...

All: I think of you girl, cause girl you are wicked awesome!

AS: My name is Donny, and I'm here to say
They call me Donny, cause that's my name.
Banana's are good in every way,
An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,
Purina Cat Chow -
All: Chow, chow, chow.
AS: If my friends could only see me now,
I'm walking, I'm talking, McCauly Caukin,
Roger Clemmons was called for walking.
Word, Sister!

All: 1, 2, Dosey dow, dosey dow.

All: You are... wicked awesome!

B-HO said...

OH CAMILIO!!A girl after my own heart oh how I have missed you and your whitty banter...ok for real though you fin the concert time and I am there...this is sooo funny just blogged about this...one word for you-- DRAMA!!LOVE YA B!

Danielle said...


Anonymous said...

I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.