Although my mom weighs 115 pounds, soaking wet I bet, she is my big momma. She's here in Erie and Adam & I are loving having her right down the hall. Now, I'm having to work so while I'm at the office during the day, she has Adam put to work- they are making our yard beautified and it's looking good so far. I wish her & Dad could just move here- we miss them. Especially when they're taking care of our yard!

It's funny how I slip into my childhood patterns when mom's around- letting her just slip back into the role of cooking & directin' us around. We love her & she sure is the boss! Can't nobody work that pointer finger like she can when she's making orders.

Having a good ol' time but we're excited for my dad to get here on Thursday night!
Dad can work that index finger right back at her. She is the most out-of-control backseat driver, especially with Dad. She makes all kinds of grunts and gasps and airbrakes when he's driving the car. Then they always have the same conversation:

Dad: Lora!
Mom: Well, you were getting close to that 18-wheeler
Dad: You know what? It's a miracle that I get to work everyday without you in the passenger seat telling me what to do.
Mom: I agree, it is a miracle!

The end. God love 'em.


Our Family said...

It looks like you guys are having fun! I am glad your family was able to come visit you! We have to get together soon! I miss you girls!

Remy said...

Far to similar to the comvo's my parents have in the car... I can totally relate!

Anonymous said...

Take them to Chautauqua Institute this weekend!!!! They would love it!

Matthew Stone said...

Haha...that sounds like my parents. Only the conversation goes like this

Mom: *Holds out hands in front of her and gasps* "STOP!"
Dad: "What?!"
Mom: "They where stopping"
Dad: "You mean the person 300 yards in front of us?"

B-HO said...

BAAAHAAA!! So funny I thought my parents were the only ones who had these convos....BUT YOUR parents are GOLD and I adore you all...please have soo much fun and come home to visit sometime...I need some face time with CAMILLIO!!!LOVE YOU!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Uh, I thought that is how every conversation between husband and wife goes in the car!!!!!!!

I have seen that pointer finger in cyberspace and it ain't pretty!