This post brought to you by the Letter "i" and viewers like you!

Stole this from R.J.

i am: sipping green tea
i think: often (?)
i know: that the Lord is who he says he is.
i want: to go to the beach
i have: an aversion to Estee Lauder Pleasure's perfume. It smells like mothballs. to me. Sorry if you wear it and I offended you.
i wish: for more time with our family
i hate: that plane tickets cost so much
i miss: Katie's custard
i fear: never tasting another sweet bite of delicious Katie's custard brownie sundae with oreo crumbs
i feel: hungry after talking about Katie's custard
i hear: computer keys and high heels clicking
i smell: dust and clorox.
i crave: sunshine
i search: for answers to hard questions- How do I honor God in this season of life? How do i love others better? How do I make the perfect quesdadilla?
i wonder: where we'll live after medical school. And how do they get that white stuff on the inside of twinkies?
i regret: not making more time for my sweet nephews last year
i love: stepping outside after work on Friday's- the whole weekend stretched out ahead of me
i ache: for girls who are sold into brothels, human trafficking
i care: about experiencing delicious Mexican food
i always: eat a blueberry smoothy for breakfast. Ingredients: frozen blueberries, protein powder, skim milk. Blend. Sip through bendy straw.
i am not: deserving of mercy and grace.
i believe: that Jesus is the hope of the world.
i dance: like a spaz. Seriously, watch out.
i sing: loudly, in my car, in the shower, in the mornings.
i don’t always: floss. But I do at least a few nights a week which is a vast improvement from college. Once someone told me that if you don't floss, you have rotting food in your mouth, I changed my ways.
i fight: when I feel insecure.
i write: in this blog, in my journal, and on bathroom walls. About you. Just kidding.
i win: sometimes when playing speedscrabble.
i lose: when I try to win an argument. Win the battle, lose the war?
i never: forget my sunscreen facial moisturizer.
i confuse: Powers when I try to explain my emotions to him.
i listen: happily to my besty tell me about the baby growing in her.
i can usually be found: drinking something. I'm very hydrated.
i am scared: of snakes. and empty elevator shafts. and empty swimming pools like in that old drug-free America commercial.
i need: to run. It balances my emotions, I get to spend time in creation, it makes me a better woman.
i am happy about: the sweet sunshine outside and small group tonight!