I got the lyrics wrong on my Gloria Estefan post.

It's supposed to be:
"Turn the beat around
Love to hear the percussion"

You were right, MaryLou. I googled it.

Although I still think that "Love to hear her passion" sounds better.


Anonymous said...

I always thought it was passion myself!! It does sound better!

freakface said...

Ya know, it's that kind of lackadaisical attitude toward lyrics that leads people to completely screw up Mahnamana, C Is For Cookie, and Woo Hoo.

Get with the program, sister!

Rachael said...

Gloria Estefan brings back so many great memories... My mom, sis, and I used to jam out to her tape when we were out on the boat. In fact, that was the only tape we had on the boat for about 6 years...so even when I was a senior in high school I would make my friends listen to some gloria!!!!

Olson Family said...

ah ha!!! you must be the reason that "the beat of buenos aires" didn't take home the gold in SING that year!!! you were clearly singing the wrong words.....i'm telling baby gap...she'll come after you!!!!