Hot Dog Juice

Today, Bethany & I had our first experience at the Erie city mission. First of all, please know that I am not on a high horse and I do not think that I am Mother Teresa, okay? But I think everybody wants to help and be used by God and our church is providing outlets for people to go out into the community and serve the poor and hurting, which is awesome. Okay, with that said- we had our first city mission lunch experience today. It was a blast. We did some food prep & then went out and served people as they came through the line. I personally was on hot dog patrol and also would you like fish or chicken on the side patrol. Hot dog patrol is hilarious as I got a little dog juice in my eye from a back splash a time or two. But you gotta get those dogs out fast! Can't keep the folks waiting!

It was eyeopening to see how many folks are hungry in Erie and needing a meal. Bethany & I were blessed by being there and enjoyed visiting with the many folks that came through and reminded how much we have (food, shelter, beds, car) that we don't deserve. I'm so grateful for our church providing these opportunities to go out & serve and love like Jesus loved.

Now, I must touch on another note, that is LOST. You know, this year, I've kinda been like Ugh, Lost. Too many plots. Not enough time. How are we going to pull all these loose threads together? I even thought about just quitting. Throwing in the towel, saying Enough is enough! But this week's episode has reaffirmed my investment in LOST. Finally, so much is happening and I feel like we're returning to movement, momentum, things happening. Score.

By the way, it appears that Jim won our "Who Would You Have Dinner With" contest. Congratulations, Jim. New poll coming soon.

Have a great weekend!


Lora said...

Who were those people to have dinner with???? Glad your day was a blessing!

Deb said...

Hey, my roommate in college made gravy from the hotdog water.. "weiner gravy" BARF!!! haha. I kept thinking you were going to say you learned to make that. haha