Eat Milk, Be Skinny?

Disclaimer: This post is rated "P" for potty-talk and may not be appropriate for squeamish ninnymuggins who don't like to discuss bowel movements. It may contain the word "poo." Reader discretion is advised.

The other night, Adam & I watched a show on Discovery Health about food. They discussed many experiments and studies and one in particular concerned the power of milk. Basically, these fine Swedish researchers wanted to know if milk would bind to fat in your digestive system and therefore you would flush more fat out instead of absorbing it.

To perform this study, they had subjects eat the same calorie & fat content meals but with varying amount of dairy during the day. Then the poor subjects had to poop into these jars and take them down to the lab. Then the Swedish lab folks took the poo and hammered it out, flattened it with a rolling pin, freeze-dried it, and an assortment of other weird, slightly disturbing things. Then they found out (by some magical science way) how much fat was in the poo.

During an interview, one of the researchers said (with her milk-maid, Swedish accent)
"Yes. It was quite difficult- the smell was not nice."

No kidding, sister.

Anywhoos, then the researchers took one of the subjects out to this barn. (For some bizarre reason, this scene played out at a farm.) Then they showed him the bucket with all his poop in it.

(Remember the swedish, milk-maid accents when you read this:)

"This is your poop from the last week." The two female researchers (now dressed in street clothes instead of white astronaut suits) said.

"Oh, is that all?" The tall, lanky subject asked.

"Ja, ja, ja." They all laughed.

Painful. Cringe. Adam and I were rolling.

Then, they showed him the fat comparisons from a dairy-filled week verses a non-dairy filled week. The difference in poo-fat was unbelievable. Something like 80% more fat came out in your poo during dairy week.

So maybe those milk ads are right, people. We could learn from the Swedish pooers.


Lora said...

UHHHH CAMILLE!!!!!!Did the talk I gave about bathroom talk being reserved for only the bathroom-not sink in?????? Somethings are better left at home, and the subject of this study is definitely one of those things!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I WANT that job!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

The astronaut suit wearin' poo rolling pin'in swedish accenti'n poo'in in a jar'in job!

freakface said...

maybe that's why I'm so trim and sexy...

Anonymous said...

cami!!! its ali blagg. i just found your blog through lesli!!! its so good to see you and adam. im so glad yall are doing so great!!! i miss you. you were always one of my favs. :)

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Hi Ali! Where is your blog? I miss it! Do you still wear your overalls? I miss you girl. Cardinal and straw, baby!

Anonymous said...

this comment is meant to signify the match being struck at the end of such a discussion.

No. 2