Splashy, splashy mercury fish

Adam made it back from Texas and so we had some good quality spousal time this weekend. We took the kayak out to Presque Isle on Saturday and put it in the bay. So, we were rowing over on the bay to the reeds so that Adam could fly fish. Well, we get closer to the reeds and we started seeing all these splashes in the water. I had seen it before in the lagoons, it is usually fish bedding or mating. However, in the bay, the fish are much larger. So, we're in pretty shallow water and there are gigantic fish (carp) mating all around us. And when you're in the kayak, you're like right on the water, you're not feet above it or anything with space between you and the enormous, scary, splashy fish.

So these gigantic fish are all around us- splashing around with one another, doing their business and it's terrifying! I know it sounds weird to be scared of fish in a lake (It's not like in Austin Powers where the bass have laser beams attached to their frickin heads) but I was pretty spooked. And the big fish would like knock into the boat accidentally and scare the tar out of me. About the time one splashed up inches from my face I said, "That's it. I can't do this anymore." Adam laughed and we rowed to a deeper area, away from the frisky fish.

When we're in the kayak, we both row and then I bring Harry Potter and steer us while Adam fishes away in the back. Adam caught some large mouth bass and, this afternoon when we went, he caught what looked like a swordfish! It was actually a Northern Pike and it had tons of sharp tiny little teeth.

We've had a nice weekend- we finally got to watch the LOST season finale last night with Brooke & Freeland. I tell you what- they like to leave you with your panties in a wad. Now we can speculate all summer...

We had a fantastic church service today and then headed back out to the peninsula. We enjoy this heat & sunshine! It went from winter to summer, folks! But I am savoring the time we get to spend outside, I'm like a solar powered human. I need to soak it all up so that I can make it through the winter!


Lora said...

OH-IF ONLY HITCHCOCK WERE ALIVE-WHAT A MOVIE- "THE FISHES". Think "The Birds" and substitute fish-WELLLLL maybe it does lose something in the translation!

Lindsey said...

I MISS YOU! I miss seeing you and talking to you. This phone tag has got to stop. AAAANNNDDDD... today was the first time that my computer would load your updated blog. I was stuck on something like May 15 for what seemed like FOREVER. I'm glad to have you back in my blogging world. Now, I need to get back in my blogging world! ;)

Anonymous said...

The fish I have never attacked me at the Penisula... but the geese have. Beware of the razor-tooth geese!

Danielle said...

my heart was beating so fast as i read that. yuck...i hate any animal/insect that is out of control around me. you should see me at a butterfly garden! shriiiiiiiieeeeeek!

Anonymous said...


Most likely the carp were not "getting frisky," although they might do that several times during the summer, and the females are often full of eggs when you catch them.

Often they will surface for air when the temperature of the water goes up, as it did this weekend when it was "Too Darn Hot."

carrie b. said...

CAMILLE...think about what ONE word you used would make me cringe.

that's it...i'm not reading your blog for a week.