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Hear ye, Hear ye.

I recently discovered a hidden gift that I have. A very special, rare gift. No, I'm not a parseltongue. (Anyone?) But, I can say that alphabet backwards, quickly. How did I discover this? You might ask. Well, I discovered it from an email forward. (yes, forward away! You might help someone discover their true life gifting!) A girl that I work with sent us a forward questionnaire that she had filled out. One of the questions was, “Can you say the alphabet backwards easily?” And she had responded “Heck no. That’s creepy!”

I giggled at her response but then I decided to give it a try. Maybe I can say the alphabet backwards. And guess what? I can! I’m pretty fast, too! Too bad it’s not a “marketable skill.” Still, do you think I could put it on my resume?

Do you have any stupid human tricks?


Danielle said...

parseltongue! HP!

Anonymous said...

The alphabet backwards? Really? Who can actually do this?? I'm super impressed.