A Heartbreaking Tale?

If you watch nature long enough, it'll turn ugly.

My mom has spoken these words enough to where they were the first words that came into my mind as I watched this horrific scene this evening.

So, Adam & I are walking Powers- out enjoying a nice evening. Suddenly, we see this tiny baby bunny come running down the street in front of us. There is this huge black bird trying to pick it up with it's claws. And the tiny, baby bunny is doing this: "Eek! Eek!" really loudly and running like mad. Then, another big black bird joins it and is trying to pick up this little cutey baby bunny. This cannot be! I try to yell and clap my hands to scare the birds away (we were about 30 yards back) to no avail.

Oh, no! What were we to do? How could we save the bunny?

Reading my mind, Adam says, "Do it, Cam."

Immediately, I take off sprinting at the birds, waiving my arms madly above my head and yelling jibberish. Finally, when I get about five yards away, the birds take off and the bunny runs away into another yard! Victory! I saved the bunny! Run little bunny, run and chase your dreams!

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, this stupid huge black cat appears and scoops the baby bunny up into it's mouth before little baby bunny can dive into the bushes while the bunny yells "Eek, eek!" I try to scare this cat away but it's too fast and runs into the neighbor's backyard.

Terrible, right? Sure, I thought so at first. There may have been some moistness in the eyes. Until I discovered what had really happened. See, after thinking about it and pondering it and bringing it back into conversation every 30 seconds, I finally discovered the true story in my heart: See, the cat was waiting there to rescue the bunny! As soon as he saw the birds, he wanted to help the teeny-tiny baby bunny so he zoomed over to save the day. But then when he got close, he suddenly had a flashback from his childhood- a big black bird attacking his baby sister. It was horrifying. The cat was paralyzed with fear and remorse and doomed to sit and watch the big black birds finish off the teeny-tiny baby bunny. But then, suddenly, I ran up and scared away the birds away. Recovering from the trauma, the big, black cat decided to scoop up the bunny in case the birds came back. Then the big black cat, who'd recently discovered that she was infertile and couldn't bear children, decided that this bunny was a gift from God and excitedly ran home with it to raise baby bunny into a humanitarian bunny who loved all living creatures and eventually will become a U.A. (united animal) delegate from Erie, bringing into effect many earth-changing laws and finding a way to cure cancer.


Olson Family said...

props to you for trying to save the bunny! I'm sure he's sipping hot tea and eating carrot cake with his new mommy the black cat at this very momeny.

carrie b. said...

should i start calling you lorali?

Anonymous said...

brings to mind another saying- "fiction is better than reality."

Remember saving turtles out of the middle of the highway in high school?

Lora said...

You & Your Daddy-Always find a rainbow behind the cloud. You missed out on the "Wonderful Pesimistic Gene" we Jameses all carry!

Lindsey said...

I agree with Carrie's comment. Thanks for the laugh!

danielle said...

one time, my friends cat left a bunny FACE on the porch for them.

a. bunny. face.

Anonymous said...

I never knew anyone who hated birds so much as to starve them when they are about to eat.

Bunny meat is low in cholesterol and high in Vitamin B-one. Wing strength of a bird, finds these critical for baby birds to amass in huge quantities.

Cats can stick to rats and meeces for a full day caloric intake of essential minerals and vitamins. At the same time, they perform a vital public service.

I notice that for all your wing flapping, you failed to lift off.
Eat some bunny meat for improved takeoff.

Adam can scalpel the meal first.

Remy said...

I want you to sit down... I need to break this to you gently... Cats and Bunnys are not friends... although they are both cute and cuddley, there is a major difference. Cat=carnivore and bunny= herbivore. My inlaws adopted a cat because they have a bunny problem (they eat the flowers) get the picture... I wish your story was true...sorry to be the barer of bad news :(

brown eyed blogg said...

love reading your blog girl!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah Lee said...

Your mind would be such a fascinating place to be! I love your stories! You bring such light to my day!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

God, I hope you never hit a deer.....or see one get hit.

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I'm with ya though, I swerve to miss ants in the road. I grew up with hunters and live with a hunter.

Anonymous said...

What did you see, Clarice?

Lecter: You still wake up sometimes, don't you, wake up in the dark, and hear the screaming of the lambs?
Clarice: Yes.

Deb said...

I nearly had an accident the other day trying to miss a little squirrel who couldn't decide which side of the road to be one...he probably saw a bird on one side and a cat on the other.