Summer Storm

I'm sitting on the couch watching a summer storm roll in. The wind has kicked up and everything outside is a weird shade of green. Definitely thunderstorm time.

I love a good summer storm at night. If it had been during the day, I would've been sad as Adam & I are definitely "Daytime People" and love soaking up the outside during the sunshiney hours (with appropriate SPF, of course). Today we took Powers out to the lake, along with Brooke, Freeland, and their two great danes. It was perfect weather and the dogs swam until they were tuckered out. I'm really thankful to have friends in Erie enjoying their first year here. I think we're going to experience a lot of new Erie things that we take for granted or wouldn't get out and do.

For example, until last night we hadn't been to JR's (also known as Juniors... I suppose). If you can, you should go and hear Josh Sneed. You may need to wear Pampers or Depends, though, because you may wet your pants. He's funny, folks.

Also, we're on a hunt for the best ice cream in Erie. Any suggestions for ice cream or gelato?


Derek said...

It's not even a contest. We were so bummed when Connie's moved all their Erie stores -but it's still worth the short drive to Fairview - even with expensive gas prices. You gotta do the "Turtle" if you like that sort of thing.

Connies Ice Cream
(814) 474-9996
7666 W Ridge Rd
Fairview, PA 16415

Anonymous said...

Connie's is closer than you think, The people who own Connie's is a friend of mine and were weather watchers at WJET

3304 Liberty St
Erie, PA 16508
(814) 864-9110

That is their new address. I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Denny's on Tenth and Parade is the best! He has 'Blue Moon', an Erie legend. There's also an ice cream shop on Parade just up from 6th which also has the original Blue Moon.

Larry Shallenberger said...

Derek, What about that Gelatto place we went to near Hectors? What's that called?

Anonymous said...

Talk about no contest. Dudley's on 12th Street had the best ice cream in Erie, HANDS DOWN. Unfortunately, it shut down in 1985.

I like Connie's. But their Mint Chocolate Chip is white, not green, so I get a little freaked out about that. But it still tastes great.

Larry, that place near Hector's is called Gelateria Barbara (spelling?). It's in a questionable area of town, but it's pretty good. 18th and Cherry I believe. Danielle says while you're there, go across the street to Arnone's to get a cream horn. She said (her words) that you'll pee your pants.

Also, there's a place out on Route 5 (West Lake Road) about 5-6 minutes west of the airport in Fairview called Custard Castle. I happen to love it there, but Danielle isn't crazy about it. Oh well. Different strokes for different folks is what I say.

Anonymous said...

There is also a little ice cream shop called the Dari Creem farther down on Parade Street that is the original Blue Moon place [it is a storefront on an old house and the business has been in the same family for generations].
There are two old fashioned ice cream stands one on Rt 20 [West Ridge Road] almost to Springfield and one on Rt. 5 between Girard and West Springfield that have good sundaes.
Also the White Turkey Drive In in Ohio that they mentioned in the Erie Times News article about 93 things to do in the summer, has root beer floats to simply die for. It is a nice drive there.
Those are really all the ones besides the one previously posted that I can think of.

Mythell said...

The best gelato in Erie is in a little shop on the NW corner of 18th and Cherry called Gelateria Barbara (www.gelateriabarbara.com), right across the street from Arnone's Bakery and practically right next door to International Bakery (both worth a visit - yummy bread and other munchies). This area is the "little Italy" of Erie. And while maybe it isn't the best place to walk around at night flashing money and such (as are many places in the city AND suburbs), in no way should it be considered questionable. Tsk. People shouldn't be so afraid of low-income neighborhoods and consider them to be shady because of that fact.

freakface said...

Connie's is good. Rita's Italian Ice is close to you (Peach & Gore), and it's pretty good. L&N Cones on Buffalo Road in Harborcreek is good, and Brain Freeze on Route 8 (Pine Ave.) south past 90 in Greene Township is also good.

Brewster's is weak.

However, recently I've developed an affection for Cold Stone Creamery, up at the Mall. There are a variety of concoctions up there that are pretty good, but most of the standard fare is weak.

The thing that REALLY rocks, though, is buying an ice cream maker and making your own. It's easy, fun, and you control the ingredients, so you control the taste and texture. Yum. Homemade is best.

Deb said...

When I lived in PA Perry's ice cream was the best, but I am from farther east than Erie.

Hey just thought of something
...did you know Marc Blucas... he was in the movie..The President's Daughter...(w/ Katie Holmes) is Philip Blucas's cousin. Marc is from Girard, PA. Crazy. I student taught there and Marc was the principals little boy... and now he is a movie star!!! Google all of that.

Anonymous said...

Bruster's on Peach! Yum yum. Oooh and bring your dog b/c you can get him a free doggie dish of vanilla with a dog bone (at least they used to do this when I worked there years ago)!

I think you should go to all the ice cream places in Erie and rate them here on your blog to find your favorite!

Anonymous said...

The best ice cream in Erie is gelato! Dolce on west 8th St in the colony plaza. They have awesome coffee too! http://www.dolcegelatocafe.com