Twitter Happy

Brooke & Freeland are driving up here and Brooke is "twittering" as they drive. Basically, you can text message little hoo-las to twitter and basically blog them. They magically appear on your twitter website. So you could share every mundane detail of your life if you wanted.
Putting on mascara. Looking at facebook.
Or it could be helpful: In 2nd stall, roll empty. Someone please bring me some toilet paper.

For Brooke's 23 hours journey, it's definitely wonderful. Mary Lou, when you get ready to delivery Baby Oswalt, you should have Brian twitter the details. That way, everyone can look at twitter.come and see MaryLou is at 8 cm. or Oh, Mary Lou just threw a bucket of ice at the nurse. Oh, delightful!


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I shall have a look see

adrian seney said...

I just learned of this myself recently (one day ago). Curious it is now on your post. Twitter -I think it may be for the "young crowd."

Lora said...

The bucket of ice will be thrown at Brian-after all It IS ALL HIS FAULT!

Anonymous said...

hee hee...I'll have to work on getting brian on board. Since I'll probably be otherwise occupied throwing ice and won't be able to twitter. Great job Brooke and glad y'all made it safe!

ps. why is it that pregnant women in labor always eat ice? Is that a thing I don't know about yet, or is that all they'll give you? hmmm...I should read more.

Lora said...

ML-In case they have to do a section, they do not want anything on your stomach. A precaution.