Cat Stroller

Two small items that cannot wait until after work:

1. Brooke reminded me of this. They have a neighbor who keeps their cat outside on a leash tied to a stake. I think this is strange. But not as unusual as this: The other day, Adam & I were walking along the road and we saw this couple walking towards us with a stroller. We're like, "Aw. A couple out walking with the baby! That's adorable." As we got closer, we realized this was no ordinary baby. No, this wasn't a baby at all. It was a fat cat. Since then, I've seen this couple many times pushing their cat in the stroller. It's kind of sweet- like Maury & Babette on Gilmore Girls- you know, their fat cat with arthritis riding in the wagon? (Trivia: What was that cat's name?) But also highly unusual. If you're the fat cat pusher and you happen to stumble across this blog, thanks for the entertainment!

2. My mom is having a contest on her blog. I'm going to kick myself because this seriously lowers my odds of winning but if I'm going to win, I like to win BIG. Click here to read about the contest and enter to win a special Ruston, Louisiana (born and bred!) treat.


Lora said...

Thanks for the "Free Advertising"! I am sorry I missed the strolled cat while up there.

Kitten said...

Oooh a Gilmore Girls question! I know this one - it's Cinnamon!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

My cousin from NC also puts her 2 cats in strollers and they take them everywhere.

Mr. Fiskars, Mr. Fozzberr Pie, and Mr. Bigglesworth would have a freak out if I decided to take them for a stroll down the lane....it wouldn't be pretty, there would be gouged eyes and slit throats etc.

carrie b. said...

25andunemployed.blogspot.com :)

Hannah Lee said...

Camille! You are ruining my odds for winning that plate! I want it sooo bad! :) All in good fun! Loved the cat story!