Real Love

My mom retired from being a CPA when I, the youngest child, was in high school. A driven, type-A, fizzer of a woman- we wondered what she would do with her time. During those years, I was running crosscountry and Mom began to revisit running after a long hiatus when I was a freshman in high school. Because she's a hard worker and never half-way does anything, she improved quickly and soon found a group of women to run alongside.

These women are a hoot! They have run together for years, training for and completing several marathons. These ladies have all been there for each other's kid's weddings, for funerals, for hard times, and loads of good times. Nothing is off limits when it comes to these women and you can probably hear them laughing a mile down the road. One of them, Mrs. Lisa, has breast cancer. She recently began undergoing chemo and now has a shaved head to go along with her sweet smile. Well, the running women got together and showered her with scarves and fun hats and even decided to go beyond that.

Click here for the full story from my Mom's blog.

I hope that my girlfriends and I live like that- it reminds me of Steel Magnolias, ya know? It's an amazing story of community and really living out love for each other.


Lindsey said...

i just love your mom. cam, i'd shave my head for you if you ever got cancer! it might be a little strange if you're still up in erie, however. love you.

Olson Family said...

your mom is so great! I couldn't believe it when I saw her pictures!