Party like it's 1983

25th Birthday New York Celebration, Amigos!

Well, the parents are leaving but we had a fantastic time. I turned the big "Quarter Century" on Saturday and so Adam & I took my parents to Panama Rocks in the vast village of Panama. It's only about 35 minutes from our house & it was a rockin' time (no pun intended). It's a long trail with a lot of rock formations that you can explore and climb on. The rock formations are named already but we came up with a few clever alternative titles. Don't be like me, though, and wear flip flops and plan on bringing tennis shoes to change into but then forget your tennis shoes in the living room by the red couch.

Mom & Dad hiking along

This crack still had snow in it! Fancy that!

Adam scaling a gigantic mountain!
Well, he was a good two feet off the ground, at least.

me, too.

Adam being eaten by the fat man rock's mouth.

Mom and Dad looking like they're shaking hands and posing for a newspaper picture. Husband and wife join forces- fix up yard for daughter and son-in-law.

Then, we went to the Chataqua Institute. But it wasn't "Season." We drove around, though, and I would like to go back when they have the concerts & lectures & stuff during the summer and see what it's like. At first, I thought it was a cult. Hall of Philosophy? But then I realized it's not- just a really, really nice summer vacation spot.

Then, we went to Bemus Point. Oh, I love you Bemus Point. You are like a little Stars Hollow that I've always wanted to live in. It's the cutest little lakeside town and we ate at the Italian Fishermen

Brooke & Freeland, you'd love it. You can eat outside and they have Italian nachos and they have bands play on a floating dock.

Score! It was the perfect lunch- sitting outside on the deck, stuffing our faces with good food and feeling the warm sunshine with my wonderful parents & studly husband. Best lunch ever!
Bemus Point really is the cutest little town you've ever seen and I wish we could transport it to Texas.

Mom asked if these were the biggest pair of sunglasses that I could find. Are they a little goofy?

too cool for school parentals.

Today I had to work because of graduation, which was sad since Dad flew out today and mom flies out tomorrow. I'll miss them but we're so thankful that we had them here to visit us....and work on our yard....and cook us supper....and do the dishes. Sheesh! I feel like I need to do all that stuff when i go visit them now.


Stinky Puff said...

Camille...dig the shades. If you start carrying a little chihuahua, you'll look like Paris.

Or if you get a twin, you'll look like this:

Olson Family said...

happy belated birthday!!! (and thanks for the "lean" comment...it's good for my post-baby self esteem)

Your parents are so great! Looks like yall had a wonderful time.

How often do you play the buckin bull game with Adam and Powers??

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I like those glasses....they are Jackie O's. I have a pair. I used to have a pair that I called Jackie O's but square because they were square and huge. I miss those glasses. They had been through hell. Even fell into a public toilet at Gettysburgh and I fished them out and put them right back on. I was hiking in Bushkill falls in the Poconos back in 2002 and I had to pee and so I hid in the flora and fauna and my hubby yells "people are coming" and so I stood up and pulled up my shorts and completely emptied the rest of my bladder into my shorts.....it was one of those pees you just couldn't cut off at a moments notice....it was a hot and HUMID day....other than that it was a nice hike w/no flip flops heheheh. Happy Bday, I wish i was that YOUNG.

Danielle said...

sounds like adam needs some dialect lessons. it's LI-lac. come on, man.

freakface said...

You know, because 25 is the new 15 LOL.

lesli said...

happy birthday sister friend! looks like y'all had a very fun celebration! xoxo