Poll Troll

So, the Harry Potter poll didn't go as well as anticipated. Although Harry did pull out a win for which Harry Potter character you'd most like to grab a cup of coffee with (how original), it was the lowest voted-upon poll yet!

I tell you, if you'd people try it then you'd love it! Remember my story?

Regardless, there's a new poll coming soon. Get your frog giggin' shoes on.


Check out the new poll located under the ad to the right- it's a dialect survey.  


Anonymous said...

I liked the Harry Potter one!

adrian seney said...

Sorry, cousin, I just don't get the whole Harry Potter thing. I did go see the 1st movie with Caleb. I had an enjoyable nap.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Adrian- you have to read the books! I saw the movies first, too, and I was like.. hmm, heh. But the books are where the magic happens... get it? magic??

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that Dumbledore didn't get more votes!? I mean the opportunity to learn from and talk to the most powerful good wizard?? C'mon people!