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Thanks for all the ice cream information, people. This give me a good list of places to try. Currently, my favorite is Cold Stone. Yes, I know it's not exclusively Erie. However, if you go there and get a chocolate devotion but tell them to take out the chocolate chips and add oreo crumbs instead, you will know why it's a chain. Trust me.

I find being officially in the last half of my 20's (1st half is age 20-24, last half is 25-29) to be an interesting season. When I was in college and even shortly afterwards all of my friends were in the same(ish) season of life. We lived in community with people like us- girls with roommates, usually in school, maybe someone was dating someone but life was pretty consistent across the board. Now, those same girlfriends are married, single, dating, pregnant, stay-at-home moms, powerhouse career woman, and everything in between. It changes the dynamics of your relationship, too, being in these different seasons.

Talking to a friend in the same exact season as you may come more naturally. I'm sure moms experience this- it's easy to talk about what's going on with your kids. Wives might experience this talking with other wives about balancing work and home or what to cook for supper, etc. Sometimes I feel like a boring old broad talking to my single friends. I love hearing about dates and concerts and roommates but it's hard to express how me and my husband just had so much fun at the grocery store. Yes, I've officially become that woman.

I don't want to be only friends with married people who don't have babies, though. Yes, I think it's important to have friends walking through the same season as you are but I hope that I embrace diversity amongst my friends. It takes a little extra effort and it doesn't come always come as naturally but it's definitely worth it. Each woman in each season has wisdom and gifts to share and tribulations to walk through and burdens that need shouldered by a friend. I'm thankful that, regardless of our earthly circumstances, we're all in the same boat- in need of a Savior, passing through an alien land, and looking for meaning and purpose in life. I think when i put on my "eternal perspective" goggles (Target, $13.99), I see us folks down here with a lot more in common than I may be prone to normally think. Jesus brings the generations, seasons, and stages together and unites us under a common banner. We're sinners. He has redeemed us by his blood and called us unto him. Our goal is to know Him and to make Him known.

There are different ways God works in our lives, but it is the same God who does the work through all of us
I Cor. 12:6 NLT


Lora said...

Our running group includes singles, grandmothers, married with young children, the full spectrum. We gleam from each other! Diversity makes if all interesting!

Deb said...

Twila Paris calls them "forever eyes"
also....I think people should be judged on their personality rather than their age. I have always enjoyed friends across the spectrum.

carrie b. said...

I like having people in different seasons in my life...it keeps things interesting! I'm blessed by those who are married, encouraged by those who are single and excited for those who are pregnant.

You are a blessing, Mrs. Jennings!

lesli said...

beautiful. different seasons are hard to explain yet easy to "judge" when you're not in them. i remember someone telling me not long ago that i'd have NO single friends soon and only be friends with married people. i hate the thought of that. you are who YOU are, not the category you can easily be lumped in to.

and...i get the grocery store thing now, but i probably wouldn't have 2 years ago. i think it's about remembering that people are people and your friends are your friends=)

great post.

Rachael said...

Great post Camille!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Let's just say I am on the back end of the 30'ish season and it rots stinky tailfeathers. I know it is better than the 6ft under option but getting older wreaks havoc on your mind.......prozac here I come.