Three Years Ago, Today

Since I am feeling sleepy & uninspired tonight, I leave you with a post from my former xanga blog- dated three years ago from today. The date was June 16, 2005. I had just graduated from Baylor and was living with some crazy girls in Waco, Texas, dating this cute guy named Adam, and working at a t-shirt shop. And...action:

September 16, 2005

t.g.i.f. ahh, full house, family matters, dinosaurs, and step by step. what a killer combination, eh?

well since yesterday was me and adam's official "half year" mark (Since our 1st date anyway) tonight we celebrate. ironically, i always made fun of people who kept up with the longevity to the day of their relationship. but now i am she. not on purpose. i just happen to know it. and 6 months ain't too shabby! anyways, i plan the date tonight so i'm thinking a little 1424 restaurant with our favorite waitress, the latin sensation, and then maybe some new road bingo or maybe just some good old fashion tortilla tossin'. classy, i know.

in 2 weeks i'll be in florda for 3 days with my favorite family and i'm so excited. my only perpetual fear is jelly fish. i hate those guys. my nephew got stung last year when he had just turned 4 and then asked us "(sniffle) was it a good jelly fish or a bad one?" got to love that childhood innocence.

i think we've picked a triathalon. its in texas on october 2nd so that ought to be exhilarating/the death of me. just kidding

okay go love on folks and have a great weekend, friends!

Oh, my xanga blog. I wasn't quite as consistent with you, friend. So sorry. Blogger, I promise that I'll be better to you.

P.S. Just so you know- that triathlon did kick my butt. But we finished. And I cried during the last leg. The end.


Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Nothing like a good cry whilst exercising......I bawl everyday when I have to get my arse moving.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Thats funny to think back and read. I remember when yall were training! I would have balled the entire time probably. Actually I wouldnt have made it through training to actually do the race.