Selective OCD

My dear old young mom posed a question on her blog today. Who is more OCD, men or women? I say- it depends. My husband, God bless him, but my sweet husband can go for weeks without replacing the empty roll of toilet paper. He'll just plop a new roll right above the old cardboard roll thingy sitting beside the toilet. He could live in a bathroom full of hairs and spills and dirt. It wouldn't bother him- he wouldn't notice. BUT take one look at his fly fishing gear and you'd think you were in a museum. The stinking Guggenheim! His gear is always organized, always spotless, and always perfectly put away. He could spend hours organizing his fly-tying equipment or putting away his bicycling stuff or camping equipment. So I guess he has selective OCD?

(But I wouldn't trade him for the world. He is wonderful. You can't have him!)

SIDENOTE- at my gypsy tea house, I would play Martin Sexton music at least 75% of the time as I believe it would be conducive to my creative, welcoming, diverse, thoughtprovoking, peaceful, fun coffee house mojo. Plus, we really like it.


kjds said...

While I am perhaps the most crazily clean-freakish person you could ever meet {my former roomies called me "Monica" from Friends}, I can also somehow just grab another roll of TP and set it on the counter, never putting it in the holder ... Kevin thinks this is so weird. But I reminded him yesterday that I am spunky {he wrote that on the blog he wrote} and he likes it!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

I think ALL men have selective OCD. My husband would live in filth and squaller......He has a huge office and it looks like it has been ransacked but yet he can find anything you ask for. AMAZING!

Lora said...

OFA is Correct! It is definitely Male Selected OCD. They KNOW we are going to do all those other things-SO WHY CLUTTER UP THEIR LITTLE HEADS with even a thought of cleaniness, neatness or order when it comes to the household?

Anonymous said...

not to beat up on the guys, but I am going to add "selective hearing" to the "selective OCD" quotient. Hubby seems to miss out on anything that is mentioned while watching the magical channel of ESPN or surfing the net.