To the Dads who taught us how to work hard, love family, get up after you fall, seek God, drive, grill a perfect steak, enjoy red meat, live with integrity.

To the Dads who were there at our games and races, sat through class plays and productions, told us bedtime stories, and tickled us til we almost wet our pants (or did!)

To the Dads who waited up for us, disciplined us when we needed it, and hugged us afterwards...

For all that and so much more,

we are thankful for you Dad & Mike!

Adam & Camille


Anonymous said...

Camille, you and Adam make us so proud, "if the proof is in the pudding" then you two are proof positive that being a Dad is "so well worth it". Thanks for you kind words on Father's Day. Love you Camille....


Lindsey said...

That's a really sweet pic of you and your dad.

Rachael said...

I wish I could have voted for guy that is a werewolf...I think Lupis is his name. Anyways, he's my favorite but I also think that Ginny is super cool!