City Deer


This morning, I was sitting there, sipping a cup of coffee and reading in the living room alongside Powers and Adam when, suddenly, I looked out the window and gasped. "What?!" Adam said.

"I think I just saw a deer running down our street!"

Sure enough, a fawn was running down our street with it's long gangly legs galloping about (It strangely resembled Oliver, Brooke!) We took off outside and saw it run down the street and over the hill and disappeared. Strangely enough, it did not come to us when we called it. Weird!


freakface said...

One of the greatest things about living in the country is the wildlife - EXCEPT the deer - because I've had enough near-misses to make me really careful when driving, and even then I've had near misses.

The wild turkey out our way are crazy - they have no fear of cars, even when they cut it too close.

It's kind of weird seeing wildlife in the city, but they are certainly there.

Lora said...

Ruston is FULL of deer, but I am surprised they are in Erie. There is not much woods there, so where do they hide? We have always thought they lived in town-KNOWING they were safe from the Hunters.

Brooke & Freeland said...

Thats so funny. A little Oliver look a like. I bet he was just as sweet & clumsy as him too! Wonder what powers would have done if the deer just hung around to play!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

LOL, yeah in PA they tend to be a little jittery around people...something to do w/the month of November and shotguns.

My grandmother lives about 45 miles south of erie in hydetown and she has had 3 adult bears and a cub breaking into her sunroom on a daily basis. They bent her wrought iron post that holds her bird feeder so the cub could get the seed. My grandma thinks yelling "Get the HELL outta here" will scare them off. They keep coming back and just open the door to her sunroom and help themselves to a relaxing afternoon. They do it every year....if they can't get the door open then they just rip the screen off.