Poll Results

Okay, the poll is closed and it appears that your favorite summer activity is...

a 3 way tie. Wow, how anti-climatic. Still, the winners were

Grilling in the backyard (24%)
laying in the sun (24%)
Gardening (24%)

Um, wow.

I am sure that chasing the ice cream truck & summer reality t.v. are so hurt by their 1 votes apiece. How rude.

So, here's what we know about the readers so far aside from their favorite summer activity.

Favorite ice cream: Peanut butter cup (Shocking, i Know.)
Favorite destination: Ireland
Favorite... something: Um, Something

What was that first poll that we did? Anyone remember? Anyone...

Check back in for a new poll coming soon!


Lora said...

I WOULD be happy about having a winning choice, but since there are 3 winners that sort of takes the "Victory Dance" out of the picture.

Brooke & Freeland said...

I remember the first poll.. wasnt it the office one?! Had fun tonight! Cant wait to see the next rollie poll.

Lora said...

OH YEAH-the poll about who would you like to have dinner with. I STILL DO NOT HAVE A CLUE WHO THOSE PEOPLE ARE!

carrie b. said...

person you'd like to have dinner with from the office.

Jim Halpert won (shocker)

too bad he's taken for dinner for the rest of time...by me.

Anonymous said...

Office and dinner..... What about summer activity, what happened to summer drives in a convertible, what about puttputt golf in Florida, what about a great trip to the Spa for a facial and a massage. Great poll results, let's do another quick. I just love polls.